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Samoa Population

Samoa has a total population of 177,714. 28.3 % of the Samoa population is under 15 years of age and 6.3% above 65 years of age. The growth rate of population in Samoa is -0.25%. The major reason behind this is emigration. 92.6% of Samoa population comprises of Samoans. 7% are Euronesian and 0.4% Europeans.

The population of Samoa is a mixture of different ethnic groups. Samoan society is made up of people from different regions of the world. Around 2000 years back a large number of Polynesians immigrated to Samoan islands from Southeast Asia. Thus from historical times till today Polynesians form a dominant part of Samoa population. Samoans constitute the second largest group of Polynesians after the Maoris of New Zealand. The Samoan population speaks Polynesian language.

The Samoan population follows Christianity which is the dominant religion in Samoa. The major languages spoken by the Samoa population are Samoan and English. A major part of the population in Samoa is engaged in agricultural production (64%). The rest of the people in Samoa are in the service sector (30%).