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Russian Climate

Russian Climate is basically characterized with the continental climate. It is assumed that due to the varied landscape, Russia is experiencing this sort of climate. As thereis a series of mountain ranges in Russia, most of the places over here enjoys comfortable weather. Mostly the eastern and southern part of Russia experiences this soothing climactic condition, whereas, norther part of Siberia and European Russia have no such advantage to protect themselves from the North Atlantic and Arctic ocean.

Most of the Russian areas experience two seasons, mainly summer and winter. The pacific ocean greatly influence the Russian far east and thus the residents of this areas enjoys the a monsoonal climate. During the winter seasons intensified high-pressure makes the winds blow from the south and the southwest, whereas, in the summer season low-pressure system causes winds to blow from the north and the northwest to almost all the landmasses. This is the reason that brings down the temperature difference between the northern and southern part during winter seasons.

It is said that the cold climate of Russian Federation leaves a great impact in the lives of the local people.The production of crops also get affected. In the true sense, Russian Climate is less affected by the ocean influences.

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