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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

South Delhi, Delhi, India
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Anuj Chopra

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5 months Ago

I am a sophomore at IIT Delhi. Having spent a year, I have liked a lot about the huge, but still tiny as compared to other IITs, campus. The 325 acre campus has greenery spread all over. With cars not allowed by B.Tech students the campus has much fresher air as compared to the rest of Delhi. With the newly built lecture hall complex the classes are now fully air conditioned but the thrill of risking your life in the elevators of our main building built in the 1960s. Various new and old buildings and hostels span all over the campus along with all the sports fields and facilities. The campus never sleeps with the night canteens being open till 3 or 4 at night. High speed WiFi spans all over the academic areas so that students can access facebook and whatsapp outside classes (even during).