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Jim Corbett National Park

Uttarakhand, India
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5 years Ago

Jim Corbette is one of the most popular jungle resorts in India. This is one of the three that I have been too, and I like Bandipur National Park in Karnataka the most. Jim Corbette was my first, and has some lasting memories, such as the tiger footprints which our guide showed us. At that time, it was quite exciting, but on subsequent visits to national parks, I have come to believe that this is standard practice to interest the visitors. We did see a lot of other animals including elephants, deers etc. The most striking memory is the fact that I had assumed a jungle to be dense and thick with trees, but I found Jim Corbette trees to hardly have any leaves. That said - thats a memory - and I am surprised, that as I attach some photos, there was actually lot of greenery - I wonder why my mind tells me otherwise.