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Daley Plaza

Illinois, United States
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5 years Ago

As I walked from truck to truck, it was a walk of discovery, each truck called out to me and wished it to be seen from all sides. There was great truck art and targeted to sell food, some were extremely sophisticated and others were casual in their approach. Most trucks were manned by two or three professionals. Prices are steep but then, a food court next to Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece is an unparalleled experience. There is something or the other happening here all the time. Farmer's market, Food Truck Fest, Election Campaign, Protests, the list is never ending. I covered Food Truck fest at Daley Plaza the other day. I liked the concept and I liked the food served, it was good but definitely $$ on your pocket. Sandwiches, Pizzas, Cupcakes and even a Fashion Truck. I opted for Lobster Sandwich which was good.