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Tropical Climate

Tropical climate which is a non-arid climate having an average temperatures above 18ºC. Rainforests, Savanna and Semi-arid are some of the example of tropical climates.

The equatorial belt experiences tropical climate which is usually marked with hot and humid weather conditions. Due to active vertical uplift or convection of air, precipitation is quite frequent in this region which is accompanied with thunderstorms almost every day. Sunshine along with excessive rainfall is the distinct feature of this climate which helps in the growth of luxuriant vegetation. Tropical climate are usually common in places like Amazon Basin in Brazil, the Congo Basin in West Africa and in Indonesia.

Due to evaporation and rain formation due to immense sunlight, the temperatures in this region usually ascend beyond 35ºC. The night of tropic weather condition are usually covered with clouds and thereby with a fall in temperature to about 22ºC. High precipitation is usually subjected when sun reaches overhead during the midday time.

The season is marked with two wet and two dry seasons which are marked during the month of March and September. A bit away from the equator, the climate tends to be more monsoonal, comprising of one wet season and one dry season. The Northern Hemisphere areas are marked with wet seasons during May to July, while the Southern Hemisphere is generally marked from November to February.

Rainforests are quite common in tropics which are usually seen particularly in Brazil, central Africa, Indonesia and Northern Australia. Tropical weather condition are not as hot as the deserts and while the daytime temperature descends below 25ºC.

Last Updated Date: May 18, 2016