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Polar Climate

Polar Climate
Polar Climate is a part of the World Climatic Regions which is marked with cold climatic conditions. Polar climatic regions lack warm summers and are marked with the absence of trees.

Most of the areas are covered with glaciers or with semi-permanent layer of ice. There are two types of polar climate. The tundra climate is the less severe climate which is marked with an average temperature above freezing level. Yet another climatic condition is the ice cap climate or the perpetual frost climate, which is striking with its sub-freezing average temperatures.

Antarctica is truly a place distinct with polar climatic condition. Much of the coastal regions of Antarctica and Greenland, northernmost part of the Eurasia, northeastern coast of Scandinavia, Bering Strait, northern Siberia and Northern Iceland are known for their tundra climate.The polar climatic regions are usually enclosed by snow and ice all through the year. During this time, the temperature never rises above freezing point due to lack of sunshine in this area. Polar climates are generally dry which settles the cold air which lacks moisture, preventing from further clouds formation and snowfall. Polar climatic regions get almost 10 inches or 250 millimeters of precipitation annually, thereby, making the weather dry and hot as the subtropical climate zone.

The areas near to the North and South Poles are quite cold as the place has accumulated thick ice sheets with several years down the line. The ice sheets in the Southern Hemisphere are more than that found along the Northern Hemisphere.

Last Updated Date: May 18, 2016