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Mediterranean Climate

Mediterranean climate is also recognized as the Dry Summer Subtropical climate as the land borders nearby the region of Mediterranean Sea. Adjacent the Mediterranean Basin, there are other places which are affected with Mediterranean climate namely
California that lies in the midst of Cape Mendocino and San Diego, the central Chile, southern Western Australia, Western Cape in South Africa, and the coastal areas of central and south-east South Australia.

Mediterranean weather conditions are a part of the World Climatic Regions which is characterized by wet winter and dry summer along with occasional precipitation. There are droughts during the summer months and this kind of climatic condition is generally seen in the west side of subtropical continents and along the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is the sporadic influence of the subtropical high condition during the summer season and Westerlies during the winter season which brings about the Mediterranean climate in this region. The place witnesses moderate climatic condition almost throughout the year as it is near large water bodies. Usually the places near the Mediterranean coast witness high in temperature while the regions bordering the colder ocean water generally tend to witness dry summer subtropical climate.

The region affected with Mediterranean climates is marked with mild winters, while summers are by and large variable. The dry summer subtropical climate is witnessed with seasonal precipitation. In North America, it is the influenced of cold ocean current which affects the area's Mediterranean climate. The regions of central Spain, southeastern France, northern Italy and northern Greece are generally affected with temperate Mediterranean climate.

Last Updated Date: May 18, 2016

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