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Types of Network

The types of networkare categorized on the basis of the number of systems or devices that are under the networked area. Computer Networking is one of the most important wings of computing. Networking is the process by which two or more computers are linked together for a flawless communication. By creating a network, devices like printers and scanners, software, and files and data that are stored in the system can be shared. It helps the communication among multiple computers easy. By computer networking the user access may be restricted when necessary.

There are two types of networks :
  • Local Area Network : The Local Area Network is also referred as LAN. This system spans on a small area like a small office or home. The computer systems are linked with cables. In LAN system computers on the same site could be linked.

  • Wide Area Network : A Wide Area Network or WAN is a type of networking where a number of resources are installed across a large area such as multinational business. Through WAN offices in different countries can be interconnected. The best example of a WAN could be the Internet that is the largest network in the world. In WAN computer systems on different sites can be linked.

The types of networks can be further classified into two more divisions :
  • Peer-to-peer networks : In this networking system all computers are given equal importance. All the software and data are stored on each computer and accesses to them are given to each user.

Last Updated Date: May 18, 2016

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