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Frequent Flyer Program

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Most of the airline authorities have opened up Frequent Flyer Programs (FFP) or Frequent Flyer miles to attract more travelers. Those travelers, who fly frequently, usually avail these programs and save lots of money on their journey expenses. The airline companies offer Airline Frequent Flyer Programs to reward customer loyalty. Airline customers enrolled in the program accumulate points corresponding to the distance flown on that airline.Gained points (also known as frequent flyer miles) can be exchanged for free air travel, goods and services, or for increased benefits, such as airport lounge access or priority bookings.

American Airlines Aadvantage is the frequent flyer program offered by American Airlines. It is considered to be the largest frequent flier programs of any airlines of the world. The American Airlines Frequent Flier program is a computer based travel awards program.

American Airlines Aadvantage program, members of the program are awarded with mileage points or "miles". The points depend on the miles covered by the frequent flyers. These points can be redeemed for free reservations on American Airlines flights.

How Points are Awarded

Members of AAdvantage program earn points, whenever they travel by flights of American Airlines, American Connect, American Eagle or other partners of the American Airlines. On purchasing tickets of First or Business Class entitles member to earn bonus mileage points.

How Points are Redeemed
The members of American Airlines Aadvantage program can get free flights or flight upgrades on American Airlines and its alliances in exchange of the mileage points. Members can also redeem points in hotels, car rentals and restaurants, which are partner organizations of the American Airlines. One can also redeem mileage points on vacation packages, magazine subscriptions, retail services and college savings programs.

Air France flying blue is the Frequent Flyer Program of Air France . Air France flying blue members can earn and utilize mileage points on flights and services of Air France-KLM and on the other companies of the Skyteam airline alliance.

Flying Blue has four membership levels-the basic level is termed as the Ivory Level, the Skyteam Elite level is called Silver Level, Skyteam Elite in USA and Elite plus elsewhere is called the Gold Level, and the last of the group is Platinum Level which is the Skyteam Elite Plus level. Each mile flown is one level mile and one award mile.

Award Miles can be used for free flights, discounts, ticket upgrades and gifts and donations. priority boarding and extra baggage allowance for Silver level members, lounge access for Gold and Platinum level members.

Aeroplan created in July 1984 by Air Canada is the largest and most extensive frequent flyer program, and a leading loyalty program, in Canada. It started as an incentive program for its frequent flyer customers. Aeroplan was established as a wholly-owned limited partnership of Air Canada, with a dedicated management team focused on the development of the Aeroplan Program on January 1,2002

Benefits of Aeroplan Membership
Aeroplan is Air Canada's largest reward ticket issuer with a new trip booked approximately every 22 seconds. The lucky people, who become members of Aeroplan, earn top-tier status and enjoy exclusive benefits when flying Air Canada.

Earning Miles :
The Airlines have easy ways to help the travelers to add miles. Their membership card has a magnetic strip and bar code that allow them to instantly earn Aeroplan Miles from daily shopping. It is very simple and convenient to earn miles with more than 125 partners through hundreds of hotels, car rentals, financial, specialty and retail and telecommunications.

Redeeming Miles :
The Aeroplan Program allows members to use their miles as they see fit. There are 400 Aeroplan rewards for the members to help them use the miles they earn. The Airlines is not just about flights, they cater to all the needs of the passengers. Aeroplan Miles can be used to acquire a large variety of outstanding reward experiences with thousands of miles on offer.

Cathay Pacific has two Frequent Flyer programs-The Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles.

Asia Miles is a more traditional travel rewards program in which miles can be accumulated by flying on Cathay Pacific or a partner airline. Miles can also be accumulated by spending through a number of hotels, credit card companies, car rental agencies, telecommunication companies and other non-airline channels. Mileage is calculated at a rate which is dependent on the number of actual miles traversed and the fare at which the passenger flew.

Emirates Skywards is a special program for those who fly in this airline quite often. This program offers exclusive benefits to the members in various ways making their trip comfortable and hassle free. Emirates Skywards memberships are of three types namely Silver, Gold and Blue. Additional benefits can be availed by the silver and gold members of skywards. To become a member of Emirate skywards, you just need to fill up the online form, where you need to provide detailed personal information with address and contact numbers.

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer offers its valued customers a chance to earn extra benefits each time they travel on Singapore Airlines flights. Each time you travel aboard a Singapore Airlines flight, you earn yourself value points or miles that earn you extra privileges.

Lufthansa Airlines FFP is called Miles & More was launched in 1993. In Lufthansa’s Miles & More Frequent Flier Programme a person earns ‘miles’ whenever he or she flies with the airline or any of the partner Airlines. One can also earn miles by using services of any other programme partners like, car rent, stay at hotels or using other products and services.

The Frequent Flier Program of KLM Airlines bears the sobriquet of 'Flying Blue'. Flying Blue provides unique facilities in each of its four stages of membership, namely, Ivory, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The stage of membership is based on the number of miles a passenger has earned.

Korean Airlines Frequent Flier Program is known as Skypass.The aim of Skypass is to make travelers cross the ultimate boundaries of their imaginations through an ecstatic flying experience.

The Japan Airlines Frequent Flier program is called JAL Mileage Bank (JMB). JMB offers a wide range of flight for accumulating mileage. JAL offers an excellent special service programme known as the "FLY ON Programme" to the most frequent fliers traveling on the JAL Group of Airlines.

US Airways Dividend Miles is the frequent flyer program of US Airways. Miles can be earned while flying, one mile for every mile flown will qualify towards Preferred Status. Minimum of 500 miles are credited per flight segment. Miles can also be earned by dining, shopping, driving, staying at hotels, newspaper subscription, utilizing the banking services and also by buying gifts.

The Frequent Flyer Program of British Airways takes the form of the Executive Club Membership. Members of British Airways Executive club may bank BA miles while on a voyage with British Airways or any other airlines that British Airways has liaisons with. Additional mile points may be acquired when members reside in posh hotels and hire cars from companies that have collaborations with British Airways. Miles can also be gathered when members use their British Airways credit cards.

Frequent Flyer program benefits
  • Preference on waiting lists
  • Unique booking facilities
  • Priority baggage handling
  • Priority airport check-in
  • Priority reservation once a seat becomes available
  • Take a reward flight to your favorite destination
  • Excess baggage allowance
  • Lesser cost of the tickets
  • Assured ticket reservation
  • Access to airport lounges
  • Increased mileage accruement (such as doubling or tripling)
  • The facility to reserve specific seats
  • Free or discounted upgrades to a higher travel class
  • Priority in wait listing or flying standby
  • Limited Perks for Non-Frequent Flyers
  • Priority boarding

How To Register
The airline companies offer Airline Frequent Flyer Programs or FFP to reward customer loyalty. Airline customers enrolled in the program accumulate points corresponding to the distance flown on that airline. To be a member of the Frequent Flyer Programs in airline companies, one can conveniently enroll online. Most of the memberships are free. FFPs are rarely open as a family membership or a joint account. They are mostly open to individuals. These membership programs are available mostly for 1 year and they can be renewed once the 1-year membership expires.

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