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Singapore Airlines Cargo

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Singapore Airlines Cargo is eulogized by Major Bodies
Singapore Airlines (SIA) Cargo has been rated highly by the Federation of Asia-Pacific Aircargo Association's (FAPAA) guerdon citation, and has achieved the "Top Airline For Outstanding Service" bonanza for the second consecutive year in 2006.

Singapore Airlines Cargo Facilities
Swiftrider is Singapore Airlines' agile shipment facility for pressing time-bound deliveries. Some of the unique conveniences provided by Swiftrider are given below:
  • Upon verification and reception of consignment, Swiftrider provides full assurance that the same will be loaded on the cargo aircraft or money will be returned to the client.

  • Consignments weighing less than 500 kg are generally validated immediately.

  • Swiftrider is an ideal facility for clients who urgently require to load, ship and unload their consignments. Clients may load their goods within the last hour before the flight's departure.

  • Clients may keep a constant tab on the status of their consignments through Singapore Airlines' Cargo Community Systems.

  • Clients may transport goods of all dimensions through Swiftrider, provided such goods can be boarded onto the airplane.

  • Exporters/individual senders may transport Swiftrider consignments to any of the 74 airport termini that are attended to by SIA Cargo and SIA Cargo's partner airlines.

Singapore Airlines' Shipment Facilities for Cargos of Different Natures
Perishable Cargo : Singapore Airlines is adroit at shipping consignments with specific expiry dates. Singapore Airlines grooms its employees involved in the function of cargo handling on the various nuances and facets about managing different types of perishable cargos. For example, employees are aware that lobsters need to be shipped in a partial comatose condition to maintain their crispness, salability and market rates. Singapore Airlines possesses state-of-the-art B747-400 carriers that travel to 74 cities in 38 nations to ensure that clients may send their products to a broad category of buyers speedily.

The illustrious Changi Airport of Singapore possesses cold room facilities to preserve a vast array of perishables which include fresh foodstuffs, chilled red and white meat, cut, fragrant flowers, temperature-dependent drugs, etc. These facilities range from a 4°C cooler, a 0°C chiller to a -12°C freezer. The facilities are designed to maintain different types of client goods.

Valuable Cargo : Cargo of this category includes items such as Gold, Platinum and other Precious Metals, bills, travelers' checks, securities, priceless stones such as Diamonds rubies, emeralds, sapphires and any items that are worth more than USD1,000 per gross kilogram. SIA Cargo provides security personnel to accompany the client's representative during the loading and unloading processes. SIA Cargo also offers inspection facilities at all steps of handling valuable cargo within the storeroom through closed circuit televisions that have recording facilities.

Animal Cargo : Singapore Airlines Cargo ships live animals such as deer, alpacas, race horses, domestic pets, bears, pandas, camels, koalas and the extraordinary Indian rhino. This it makes possible by means of its air-conditioning and pressure alteration facilities within the cabin which optimize temperatures and pressures in the aircraft for the benefit of the animals. However, all animal cargo must conform to the IATA Live Animals Regulations.

Dangerous Cargo : Explosives, fuels, paints, matches, drain cleaners, butane fuels, scuba tanks, propane tanks, weapons, bullets, gunpowder, etc. are transported with the expertise and under the watchful eyes of Singapore Airlines' professionally qualified and registered staff provided the cargo are compatible with international norms regarding cargos that may be air-transferred.

Singapore Airlines advises prospective clients to get in touch with them in order to be informed about rates and prices of shipments.


Last Updated : May 17, 2016

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