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How much do you know about World War I?

Q1Where was Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, whose death led to World War I, assassinated?
Q2Name the country that made the first declaration of war in World War I?
Q3Which countries were called the Triple Alliance until World War I in 1914?
Q4Which countries ‘The Big Four’ of World War I belonged to?
Q5Which was the greatest feat of arms during World War I and among the most lethal offensives in world history that took a toll of 1,600,000 lives?
Q6Which country mobilized 12 million troops during World War I, making it the largest army in the war, of which 3/4 were killed, wounded, or went missing in action?
Q7When did World War I end (Paris Time)?
Q8Which treaty ended World War I that required Germany to concede territories, demilitarize and accept full responsibility for causing the war - Article 231 – ‘War Guilt Clause’?
Q9Which empire did not collapse after World War I?
Q10Which World War I novel was banned and burned in Nazi Germany but later adapted as an Oscar-winning film directed by Lewis Milestone?