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Which Christmas Destination Should You Visit?

Q1Christmas is celebrated around the world on 25th December in most countries and on another date in some other countries. Which other date?
Q2What does Santa Claus use to travel on the night before Christmas?
Q3Which traditional dish made of dry fruits, egg, and spices is consumed at the Christmas feast?
Q4What is the name of the Red-nosed Reindeer who was asked by Santa to lead his sleigh team?
Q5Which green object is decorated with tinsel and lights and symbolizes renewal at Christmas?
Q6In which of these countries in the world is Christmas celebrated in summer?
Q7What kind of animal draws Santa Claus’s sleigh around the world on the night before Christmas?
Q8What baked meat dish is traditionally consumed during Christmas?
Q9What are the songs sung by groups going from house to house at Christmas called?
Q10According to Christian tradition what three gifts did the three wise men present the infant Jesus?