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How Much Do You Know About Unusual Restaurants of the World?

Q1If you are dining at a restaurant that's suspended by a crane in mid-air, which country are you in?
Q2Which is the only restaurant in the world owned and run entirely by midgets?
Q3Which country is home to the only restaurant in the world that offers discounts to diners praying in public?
Q4Which restaurant in the US, named after a Spanish artist, resembles a mini-museum?
Q5Which of these restaurants in the US is actually a fully-restored Boeing aircraft?
Q6Which restaurant in South Africa, located inside one of the most notorious jails, finds a mention in Nelson Mandela’s autobiography?
Q7In which European country can you dine at a restaurant built inside a cave?
Q8Which restaurant in Spain is known for cooking food with heat generated by a volcano?
Q9Which of these Asian countries is home to a restaurant where real-life robots greet and serve the diners?
Q10Which is the world's first all-glass undersea restaurant located 16 feet below sea level?