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How good is your knowledge about World's Most Unusual Hotels?

Q1Which one of these hotels in Germany has a room ‘upside-down’?
Q2An American hotel allows you to sleep among the cats, leopards and tigers. Can you name the hotel?
Q3Out of these hotels, which one has its rooms themed around automobile?
Q4What is unique about the Hotel Marmara Antalya in Turkey?
Q5Which of these luxury hotels in the UK was originally built to protect Portsmouth from the attack of Napolean III?
Q6Sheraton Hot Spring Resort in China is well known for its unique feature. What is it?
Q7What is so unusual about the Giraffe Manor Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya?
Q8Can you name the hotel in Sweden whose structure is created every year by 50 artists?
Q9Can you name the hotel in Bolivia that is built with salt blocks and located at the edge of world's largest salt flat?
Q10Jail Hostel in Canada is housed in a 150-year-old former Carleton County Gaol. Can you tell where is it situated?