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How much do you know about UK General Election?

Q1Which political party in the UK had coined the slogan "Labour isn't Working" for its election campaign?
Q2Why do you think the Queen doesn't cast her vote in the UK General Election?
Q3Which political party has fielded an 18-year-old candidate in 2015 UK Election, the youngest in the history?
Q4Which of the following candidates can become the first atheist Prime Minister of the UK?
Q5When was the last time any political party gained over 50 percent of the vote?
Q6Which political party has the highest percentage of candidates for 2015 Election from a business or commercial background?
Q7Which of the following political parties has promised to make higher education free for all?
Q8Which Irish singer and a candidate for 2015 UK Election passed away in April 2015?
Q9What percentage of present MPs are alumnus of either Oxford or Cambridge University?
Q10Which former soccer player campaigned for the Conservative Party ahead of 2015 General Election?