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How well do you know trees around the world?

Q1Which trees’ leaf features on the Flag of Canada?
Q2The Tree, under which Lord Buddha is said to have attained enlighnment, is known as -----------------------
Q3Can you name the tree located in California through which you can drive a car?
Q4Which of the following is the tallest tree in the world?
Q5Which tree’s branches have often been used as a symbol of peace?
Q6In which country was, the Ténéré Tree, once considered the most isolated tree on earth, located?
Q7Which tree could Anne Frank see through her window and wrote about in her dairy?
Q8Which of the following facts about the Major Oak, located in Sherwood Forest in the United Kingdom, is true?
Q9Believed to be 400 years old, The Tree of Life is completely free of water supply. Where is it located?
Q10 In which country is the Wollemi pine, referred to as the Living Dinosaur and dating back to approximately 200 million years, located?