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How well do you know about Traditional forms of attire around the World?

Q1A kokoshnik is part of the three-piece ensemble worn by Russian women during carnivals? What exactly is it?
Q2The kilt is the national dress of which country?
Q3What is the traditional/national dress for men in Greece?
Q4Name the piece of garment that is worn by all married Tibetan women?
Q5Bombachas or long, accordion-pleated trousers are indigenous to which area?
Q6A voluminous outer gown still worn throughout the Middle East in the Arab world is __________
Q7Which among the following traditional headgears was referred to as ‘the red cap of liberty’ during French Revolution?
Q8What is an Obi?
Q9The smock and Kente cloth can be associated with which of the following countries?
Q10Men wearing lederhosen and women in dirndl can be spotted at which of the given events?