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Torturing Methods in the Middle Ages Quiz

Q1Which of the following is an interrogatory torture device that was used in medieval Europe?
Q2Henry VIII was known for boiling quite a few people alive. He ruled over which country?
Q3In the 13th century, England came up with this brutal torture/execution method to punish people guilty of treason:
Q4Poena Cullei was used in ancient Rome in cases of parricide. What was it all about?
Q5In which year and place was the Torture Rack installed by the Duke of Exeter?
Q6The Judas Cradle was a torture device invented in which country?
Q7‘Death by a thousand cuts’ was a method of execution devised and practiced in China as early as the 10th century. What is the Chinese term for this torturous punishment?
Q8The Crocodile Shears as a torture instrument was used in late medieval Europe to dismember which body part?
Q9Which of the following catholic body commonly made use of the horrendous instrument called the Head Crusher?
Q10In which country was the Brazen Bull designed?