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How Much Do You Know About the Most Popular Suicide Spots in the World

Q1Which custom is believed to have been performed in Aokigahara Forest, which is morbidly referred to as the 'Demon Forest' or the 'Perfect Place to Die'?
Q2Which one of the following is viewed as the largest mass suicide in the world?
Q3At which hottest (temperature-wise) suicide hotspot Godzilla was imprisoned in "The Return of Godzilla" by the government?
Q4Which country had the highest suicide rate according to WHO Age-Standardized Suicide Rates, 2012 (Per 100,000 Population)?
Q5Jumping off of the "Iron Lady" is the third most popular means of suicide in France preceded by what?
Q6Which is the most popular suicide station of London Underground Rail System, where 78% of all rail fatalities are suicide?
Q7Who is called “The Angel of the Gap” who was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for saving lives of people trying to commit suicide?
Q8Which one of the following bridges is referred to as the ‘Dog Suicide Bridge’?
Q9What is the most conspicuous precaution on Golden Gate Bridge – the bridge with the second highest number of suicides in the world – called?
Q10Which second most fatal standing structure in North America had average suicide rate of one person every 22 days at its peak in 1997?