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How Prepared are you for a Storm?

Q1To prepare for a storm one should:
Q2Which word for a storm in the North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific region is derived from the Caribbean Storm God Juracán?
Q3The hurricane that caused immense damage to the southern USA, particularly the town of New Orleans, Louisiana, in August 2005 was called:
Q4What is the region of calm weather at the center of a storm or cyclone called?
Q5If meters and kilometers are used to measure distance, what unit of measurement is used to measure wind speed?
Q6What weather phenomenon is commonly called a Twister?
Q7What weather phenomenon can be seen in types such as cumulus, nimbus, stratus and cirrus?
Q8What is the standard scale or system of measuring wind speeds on a 12-point scale to classify gales, storms, and hurricanes called?
Q9Which word for a tropical storm is derived from the name of a monster in Greek mythology associated with storms?
Q10Which UN Organization deals with weather and climate, hydrology, and geophysical sciences?