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How much do you know about the Start of Civilization

Q1Which early humans were known as the ‘Handy Man’ and where were they found?
Q2Neanderthals are known to be the world’s first cave painters. Which country is famous for the caves in which Neanderthal’s used to live?
Q3 Which of the following is associated with the legendary “return of the descendants of Heracles”?
Q4The oldest written language can be traced back to 3200 BC. Which place did it emerge?
Q5Which place boasts of the world’s first public baths?
Q6The world’s oldest stone tool makers were from this country. Name the land.
Q7Which is the most ancient civilization in the world?
Q8Pottery was practiced as a skilled art during the Early Bronze Age in which of the following places?
Q9Who among the following established a Bronze Age culture in Greece?
Q10Name the earliest place that is known to have lived mainly from the cultivation of crops: