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How Much Do You Know About Spain?

Q1Which of the following famous festivals is held in Spain?
Q2What was the currency of Spain before the adoption of Euro on January 1, 2002?
Q3Which famous Hollywood actress is of Spanish origin?
Q4Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes is credited for writing which famous novel?
Q5Which of these popular dance forms originated in Spain?
Q6The Spanish Civil War resulted in the overthrow of the Spanish democratic republic by the Nationalist forces and the establishment of General Francisco Franco as the head of the government of Spain. When was the war fought?
Q7Which of the following novel is based on Ernest Hemmingway’s experiences in the Spanish Civil War?
Q8Which of the following was a famous Spanish painter known for his notable works such as The Weeping Woman and Guernica?
Q9La Sagrada Família – a UNESCO World Heritage Site still under construction – is located in which city?
Q10Which of the following is a famous Spanish Tennis player?