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How well do you know South Africa?

Q1Which of the following is a nickname of South Africa?
Q2When did Nelson Mandela win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Q3Which of the following is not a capital of South Africa?
Q4What is the nickname of the South African national cricket team?
Q5What is the currency of South Africa?
Q6Which of the following is the national tree of South Africa?
Q7Which of the following Hollywood actresses is of South African origin?
Q8Which great Indian leader spent a considerable time in South Africa?
Q9Which is the highest mountain in South Africa?
Q10Which is the longest river in South Africa?
Q11Which of the following coaches of the Indian cricket team was of South African origin?
Q12What does the term apartheid means?
Q13What is it the South African physician Chris Barnard well known for?
Q14What is R62 route famous for?
Q15Which nation did South Africa gain independence from?
Q16Which is the largest ethnic group in South Africa?
Q17Which of the following works is South African novelist J.R.R. Tolkien best known for?
Q18Which famous event did South Africa host in 2010?
Q19Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman and politician in South Africa, was the founder of which of the following jewelry brands?
Q20Which South African President was nicknamed ‘The Big Crocodile’?