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How well do you know the Santa Claus

Q1By what name was Santa Claus called in U.S.A. in earlier times?
Q2The plump rosy-cheeked Santa was first published in Harper’s Weekly. Name the cartoonist who gave form to it.
Q3The popular image of Santa Claus in based on traditions associated with St. Nicholas? Which day is celebrated as the feast day of this 4th century Christian saint?
Q4As goes the myth, where does Santa Claus live?
Q5The communists abolished Christmas in Russia. However, the figure of Santa was resurrected by Stalin in 1930s. By what name was he called?
Q6That Santa has a fleet of reindeer, elf helpers and enters homes through chimneys follows from a particular poem. Name it.
Q7Name the Roman emperor who imprisoned Nicholas, the philanthropist and inspiration behind the modern day Santa Claus.
Q8In which year was “Saint” Nicholas’ (the Bishop of Myra) name dropped from the Roman Catholic calendar?
Q9Which American songwriter is attributed with popularizing Mrs. Claus through the poem ‘Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride’?
Q10What food/beverage do children in the U.S. and Canada give to Santa?