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How good is your knowledge about Rivers?

Q1Which river in North America has the distinction of being one of the shortest in the world?
Q2Which country has around 3.5 million miles of rivers?
Q3Which famous water body can cover the ground with almost 10 feet of water if its water is spread evenly across the continental US?
Q4What is the name of the largest blackwater river in the world that has the color of darkly brewed tea?
Q5Which river has the largest drainage system in the world?
Q6Which river in Asia often witnesses fireballs erupting from the surface of the water?
Q7What is the longest river in the world that flows entirely within one country?
Q8Which is the most powerful river in Africa that has the potential of supplying electricity needs of entire sub-Saharan Africa?
Q9What is the longest non-Russian river in Europe?
Q10What is the name of the river that flows through Australia and is continuously navigable for close to 1,235 miles?