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How Much Do You Know About Immigration Around The World?

Q1Which is the most popular route for migrants who are fleeing from Africa and the Middle East due to conflict and instability and trying to cross into Europe?
Q2 In 2013-14, Italy ran an operation that saved thousands of migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean. What was the name of the operation?
Q3Which country has received more asylum applications than any other European Union nation between January and July 2015?
Q4Which country has erected razor wire fence to keep migrants out in the ongoing European migrant crisis?
Q5Which country has an exemption from European Asylum Policy and therefore would not be required to take any refugees?
Q6How many migrants is Germany expecting to take in 2015?
Q7Which nation’s partition witnessed one of the biggest migrations in human history?
Q8Which is currently the largest migration corridor in the world?
Q9In which country do the migrants surpass the actual inhabitants?
Q10When is the International Migrants Day observed?