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How well do you know Philippines?

Q1Which country did Philippines gain independence from?
Q2Which of these are the official languages of Philippines?
Q3What is the currency of Philippines?
Q4Which famous Hollywood movie was filmed in the Philippines?
Q5Half-Filipino Nicole Scherzinger was a member of which female rock band?
Q6Which of the following sports inventions is credited to Pedro Flores?
Q7Which of the following facts about President Benigno Aquino III is true?
Q8Who was Ramon Magsaysay, in whose honor an award of the same name has been instituted?
Q9Which of the following describes Tamaraw?
Q10What does Jeepney refer to?
Q11What is Imelda Marcos, widow of former Philippine President, famous for?
Q12What is unique about Cebu City?
Q13What makes the flag of Philippines unique?
Q14What is the capital of Philippines?
Q15What was the money used during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in WWII called?
Q16In whose honor was Philippines named?
Q17Which religion is widely practiced in Philippines?
Q18When did Philippines achieve full independence?
Q19What was the occupation of Joseph Estrada before he became the President?
Q20Which severe typhoon struck Philippines in 2013?