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How Well Do You Know - Paris?

Q1In which part of France does Paris lie?
Q2Identify this world-famous museum in Paris that first opened in 1793 !
Q3Which river flows through the city of Paris?
Q4Which iconic structure in Paris was originally built as the entrance to the 1889 World's Fair?
Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org
Q5Which monument in Paris was built to commemorate those who fought for France and has the names of French generals and victories in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars inscribed on its walls?
Q6Which renowned painting that you can see in the Louvre museum in Paris is called La Joconde in French?
Q7Which monument in Paris was originally built as a church, but is now a secular mausoleum where the bodies of the most renowned French citizens including Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Louis Braille are placed?
Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org
Q8Which cathedral in Paris is considered the most famous of all cathedrals, and was originally built in 1163 during the time of King Louis VII?
Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org
Q9Where is the French Open Tennis tournament, one of the four Grand Slam events, held annually in Paris?
Q10Which best-selling book by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins describes the German occupation of Paris and its liberation by the Allied Forces?