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How well do you know Palestine?

Q1Who among the following is a symbol of Palestinian national struggle?
Q2Which of the following describes Hummus?
Q3Which is the defacto administrative capital of the State of Palestine?
Q4As-salaam alaikum is a way of greeting in Palestine. What does it mean?
Q5Which city in Palestine is considered to be the oldest inhabited city in the world?
Q6The Intifada was a rebellion in Palestine against Israeli occupation. What does the term literally mean?
Q7What is the official language of Palestine?
Q8Which of the following statements about Palestine are true?
Q9Which colors comprise the Palestinian flag?
Q10Which areas comprise Palestine?
Q11Who is the current president of the Palestinian Authority?
Q12What percentage of Palestinians are Christians?
Q13Which of the following monuments is located in Palestine?
Q14Which Palestinian City is described in the Hebrew Bible as the City of Palm Trees?
Q15Which of the following describes a Keffiyeh?
Q16Which Palestinian organization was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of eleven Israeli athletes during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich?
Q17Palestine was under the control of which country from 1920 to 1948?
Q18Which of the following statements about Palestinian defense forces is true?
Q19What is Sirhan Sirhan infamous for?
Q20Which famous Hollywood movie depicted Israeli government's secret retaliation against PLO?