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How well do you know North Korea?

Q1What is the capital of North Korea?
Q2Why was the American political satire The Interview banned in North Korea?
Q3What is the recognized name of North Korea?
Q4Which of the following is legal in North Korea?
Q5In which famous James Bond movie did the antagonist play the role of a North Korean villain?
Q6Which parallel divides North Korea and South Korea?
Q7Which countries border North Korea?
Q8The founder of North Korea, first president Kim Il Sung, created the country's policy of Juche. What does it mean?
Q9Which of the following statements about North Korea is true?
Q10In late 2014, US had leveled a serious accusation on North Korea. What was it?
Q11Which of the following is one of the most beloved dishes in North Korea?
Q12What is the currency of North Korea?
Q13North Korea was under the rule of which country?
Q14What is the term sometimes applied to the North Korea as a nation?
Q15Who is the current premier of North Korea?
Q16Which of the following is the national Airlines of North Korea?
Q17What type of government does North Korea have?
Q18Which of the following was invented in North Korea?
Q19Which of the following fact about Ryugyong Hotel is true?
Q20What is the national flower of North Korea?