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How Well Do you Know Nigeria?

Q1What is Nigeria’s official language?
Q2Which of the following terrorist groups is active in Nigeria?
Q3The Nigerian flag is a combination of which colors?
Q4What is the currency of Nigeria?
Q5What is Nigeria’s national football team known as?
Q6What is the capital of Nigeria?
Q7When did Nigeria gain independence?
Q8Who is the President of Nigeria?
Q9Which of the following is nicknamed the Coal City State?
Q10When is National Day in Nigeria?
Q11Recently, the World Health Organization declared Nigeria free of which disease?
Q12Nigeria is Africa’s biggest producer of which product?
Q13Maafe, the traditional Nigerian dish, is what kind of meal?
Q14What is the title of the National Anthem of Nigeria?
Q15Which of these is a river of Nigeria?
Q16What is Wole Soyinka best known for?
Q17Nigeria was under the rule of which nation?
Q18Nigeria got its name from which of the following?
Q19What is Nigeria’s highest point?
Q20Which is the largest city in Nigeria?