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How well do you know Nepal?

Q1What is Lumbini famous for?
Q2What is unique about the National Flag of Nepal?
Q3What is the height (in meters) of Mount Everest?
Q4In 2001, crown prince Dipendra massacred members of the royal family of Nepal, including his parents. What was the cause of the conflict?
Q5What does Sagarmatha in Nepal refer to?
Q6In which year did monarchy come to an end in Nepal?
Q7The Gurkhas are one of the fiercest warriors on earth. What is their motto?
Q8Which is the largest religion followed in Nepal?
Q9How do people in Nepal greet each other?
Q10What was the age of Rirendra Shrestha when he was adjudged world's youngest professional photographer by exhibiting his works in 2006-07?