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How well do you know about Mars Explorations?

Q1Which of these books does not talk about Mars exploration?
Q2Which of these is not the nickname of Mars missions launched by the US?
Q3Which non-profit organization plans to establish a permanent human colony in Mars by 2027?
Q4Which space agency was sued by three men from Yemen for 'invading' Mars?
Q5Which of these scientific rovers on the surface of Mars beams signals back to earth?
Q6What name has NASA given to round rocks discovered on the surface of Mars?
Q7Which Hollywood space movie cost more than India's Mars Mission?
Q8Which country has named its unmanned probe mission to Mars as 'Hope'?
Q9Which is the first nation in the world to reach Mars orbit in its first attempt?
Q10What is so special about NASA's supersonic spacecraft designed for future Mars explorations?