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How Much Do You Know About Mali

Q1Which of the following is the official language of Mali?
Q2For which of the following accomplishments do we remember Sundiata Keita?
Q3Bamako, the capital of Mali, is taken from a Bambara word which means-------------------
Q4With which other country did Mali form the Mali Federation in 1959, only to be split a year later?
Q5Which Malian city was a center of Islamic culture from 1400 to 1600 AD and acquired the sense of “the most distant place imaginable” in the late 19th century?
Q6Which of the following facts about the Great Mosque of Djenné is true?
Q7Within which great African desert does most of Mali lie?
Q8Which of the following is the most popular sport in Mali
Q9What is the currency of Mali?
Q10Which of the following facts about Mali is true?