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Quiz on Major Snowfalls Around the World

Q1This is the fourth largest Japanese city and receives an annual snowfall approximately of 191 inches. Name it.
Q2Which place in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is known for the greatest snow depth ever measured after Mt. Ibuki in Japan?
Q3Which of the following regions holds the record of receiving the maximum snowfall in a month’s time?
Q4Which Alaskan city recently recorded the heaviest September snowfall in 23 years?
Q5Name the snowiest place on the earth which receives 26 feet of snow per year and also name the mountain on which it is located.
Q6Name the place which got the highest snowfall of 1140 inches in one season?
Q7Tall, thin, and closely-spaced pinnacles of hardened snow, ranging from a few centimeters to a few meters, found in the arid Dry Andes or in the mountains surrounding Death Valley in California are known as:
Q8This is an Ivy League University and the ninth snowiest college in the U.S, receiving around 65 inches of snow every year. Name it.
Q9In which year did Denver receive the heaviest Christmas snowfall?
Q10The highest average annual snowfall recorded at a weather station on Mount Fidelity stands at 1388cm (45.5 feet). Where is Mount Fidelity located?