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How Much Do You Know About Libya?

Q1Which of the following World Heritage Sites is located in Libya?
Q2In 1911, which European nation seized Libya from the Ottomans?
Q3What was the name commonly given to the last phase of the Chadian–Libyan conflict that took place in 1987 in Northern Chad?
Q4What did Muammar Qaddafi call his philosophy of government?
Q5Which Libyan city founded by the Phoenicians was known as Oea in ancient times?
Q6Which of the following countries does not share its border with Libya?
Q7What is the currency of Libya?
Q8Which of the following desert comprises most of Libya?
Q9When was King Idris I overthrown by Muammar Qaddafi?
Q10Which of the following is Libya’s second largest city and is an administrative, commercial, and educational center?