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How much do you know about Israel?

Q1Israel is roughly half the size of which famous lake?
Q2Which of the following symbols can be found on the Israeli flag?
Q3Which famous businessman was named Righteous Among the Nations by the Israeli government for saving Jewish lives and was portrayed by Liam Neeson in a famous Hollywood movie?
Q4Which of the following is an Israeli-born American actress?
Q5What is the secret service of Israel known as?
Q6Which of the following is a Hebrew word that means peace and is also used to both greet people and bid them farewell?
Q7Which of the following VOIP applications was developed in Israel?
Q8Which of the following statements about Israel is true?
Q9Which Israeli Prime Minister won the 1994 Nobel Peace prize along with the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat?
Q10What is the currency of Israel known as?
Q11Which of these famous monuments is located in Israel?
Q12Which of the following technologies was developed by Israelis?
Q13What does the term kosher mean?
Q14In which year was the modern state of Israel established?
Q15The Golan Heights acts as a natural barrier between Israel and which other country?
Q16The Bene Israel Jews are from which country?
Q17What does the Green Line refer to?
Q18What does Operation Moses refer to?
Q19Which of the following Hollywood movies was shot in Israel?
Q20Which is the most popular sport played in Israel?