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How Well Do You Know India?

Q1In which hemispheres of the Earth is India located?
Q2What was the earlier name of India Gate?
Q3Which mountain range separates the plains of north India from the Tibetan plateau?
Q4Which river originates in the Himalayas and is considered sacred by many Indians?
Q5Which Indian festival is also called the ‘Festival of Lights’?
Q6Which state in Western India, famous for its beaches, was formerly a Portuguese colony?
Q7Which religion considers Golden Temple of Amritsar as the holy shrine?
Q8Which native spice from the ginger family is ground into yellowish-orange powder and used to add color and flavor in Indian curries?
Q9Which popular international rock band has featured Sitar in some of their songs?
Q10The Asiatic lion is found in the Gir forest. In which state is this forest located?