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How Much Do You Know About the Most Haunted Places in the World?

Q1Which one of the following popular suicide sites is morbidly referred to as the ‘Demon Forest’ or the ‘Perfect Place to Die’?
Q2Which is the scariest road in America that is infamous for paranormal occurrences and gatherings of witches and Satanists?
Q3Which one of the following is called ‘The Island of the Dolls’, where it is believed mutilated dolls hanging on trees move, beckon, and speak to those who come?
Q4Which U.S. president’s ghost is said to have visited the White House to whom British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, "Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage"?
Q5Which castle built by William the Conqueror is visited by the ghosts of Queen Anne Boleyn, King Henry VI, Thomas A Becket, and Sir Walter Raleigh?
Q6Which is the most haunted place in India where entry before sunrise and after sunset has been strictly prohibited by the Archaeological Survey of India?
Q7Which uninhabited island was once used as a quarantine station during the Black Death and has been featured in Ghost Adventures and Scariest Places on Earth?
Q8Which is the second oldest asylum in Victoria that was originally known as the haunted ‘Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum’?
Q9Which one of the following is believed to be the most haunted building in South Africa that was built by the Dutch East India Company?
Q10Which is the most haunted site in Australia that has been featured in television shows such as Big Country, Getaway, Scream Test, and Ghost Hunters International?