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Which Country Should You Visit this Halloween?

Q1Halloween is celebrated in many countries on:
Q2Why do people ring a bell on Halloween?
Q3 What is the Halloween symbol of a pumpkin or turnip with a carved scary face and lamp lit inside called?
Q4What game involving catching an apple with one’s mouth is often played on Halloween?
Q5In which country in the world is Halloween associated with the myth of Dracula?
Q6What event is held every year on Halloween night in Greenwich Village, New York City, USA?
Q7The traditional Irish dish Colcannon is made during Halloween. It consists of mashed potatoes and which other vegetable?
Q8A Gaelic festival called Samhain celebrating the harvest and the onset of winter is said to be one of the origins of Halloween. This festival was celebrated in:
Q9In which country do people celebrate Pangangaluluwà, a custom of going from house to house to sing a song in exchange for food on All Saints Day (Halloween)?
Q10What world record was set in Keene, New Hampshire, USA, with the maximum number of these (30, 581) in one location?