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How much do you know about Germany?

Q1Which of the following is one of the most popular and largest festivals held in Germany?
Q2Which of the following is one of the most famous German fashion companies?
Q3Which of the following was a prominent symbol of the Nazi Party?
Q4What is the capital of Germany?
Q5Which of the following incidents took place in 1989?
Q6What game is the legendary Michael Schumacher associated with?
Q7Which of the following leaders unified Germany in 1871?
Q8Which famous Hollywood movie portrays the efforts of a German businessman to save Jews during the holocaust?
Q9Which of the following is a German right-wing anti-Islam political organization?
Q10Which of the following is a delicious German dessert?
Q11Who of the following is a German tennis player and the youngest to win of the men's singles title at Wimbledon?
Q12Which American businessman of German Jewish descent founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans?
Q13Which famous automobile brands name when translated in English means “The People’s Car”?
Q14Who of the following is a famous German scientist?
Q15During a visit to Germany which US President said Ich bin ein Berliner, meaning ‘I am a Berliner’?
Q16Which of the following is a famous river of Germany?
Q17What is the German language word for Germany?
Q18During World War 2 Germany was a part of which group?
Q19Which terrorist group carried out the Munich massacre during the 1972 Summer Olympics?
Q20Which of the following position does Angela Merkel occupy?