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How well do you know France?

Q1Which of the following monuments is located in France?
Q2How do people in France greet each other?
Q3Which of the following incidents is ‘The Reign of Terror’ associated with?
Q4Armed gunmen launched a deadly attack on the office of which prominent French magazine?
Q5To what place was the French Emperor Napoleon exiled?
Q6Which country occupied France during World War 2?
Q7What is the origin of French football player Zinedine Zidane?
Q8Which queen was executed during the French Revolution?
Q9Which region in France is famous for producing wine?
Q10What is the name of the cold dry wind that blows over south of France?
Q11Which of the following is a famous French Department store?
Q12Which famous product did the Montgolfier brothers invent?
Q13Which of the following is the highest mountain in France?
Q14Which of the following structures is The Louvre?
Q15In which province did the D-day landings of the Second World War take place?
Q16Which of these famous foods is of French origin?
Q17Which of the following sporting events is associated with Tour de France?
Q18Which of the following cosmetics companies is based in France?
Q19Which of the following automobile companies in based in France?
Q20What is the national motto of France?