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Participate in the quiz on Forests

Q1Thirty percent of the land area in the equatorial belt is covered by:
Q2Which of the following Southeast Asian nations has witnessed the largest forest resettlement program?
Q3What is the other name for the Taiga forest dotting the circumpolar regions?
Q4Podzols, or, the light-colored acidic soils of the Coniferous forests are favorable for the growth of which organism?
Q5Monsoon forests, Mangrove forests and Temperate forests are different kinds of:
Q6Rondonia in west-central Brazil is an example of which of the following?
Q7In which of the following areas is the subalpine and montane forests found?
Q8These forests represent the oldest major vegetation type on terrestrial earth. Name it.
Q9Which are the two warm currents that allow deflection of the North American Taiga into Alaska and Canada?
Q10Name the forest found along the west coast of North America. It is a sub-type of the Temperate Coniferous Forest.