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How well do you know China?

Q1Which of the following is not a Chinese invention?
Q2Why was the Great Wall of China constructed?
Q3What is the name of the movement that aimed to increase the production capacity but led to the Great Chinese Famine?
Q4What is unique about the 2008 Olympics held in China?
Q5Which of the following regions is a bone of contention between China and India?
Q6Which of the following animals is not included in the Chinese calendar?
Q7The Mount Everest marks the border between China and which other country?
Q8Which of the following Hollywood movies is a remake of a Hong Kong thriller Infernal Affairs?
Q9What does the nickname ‘China’s Sorrow’ actually refers to?
Q10What is the description of the flag of China?
Q11Who was the founding father of the People’s Republic of China?
Q12Which of the following countries does not share its border with China?
Q13What is the highest point in China?
Q14What is the currency of China?
Q15Bruce Lee played the sidekick of what TV super hero?
Q16Jack Ma is the founder of which famous Chinese company?
Q17What is the capital of China?
Q18What is Fragrant Meat in China?
Q19Hong Kong was under the control of which nation before it was transferred to China in 1997?
Q20What does the name Forbidden City apply to?