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How well do you know about the Beaches?

Q1In which Caribbean beach could you watch planes fly right above your head?
Q2In which African beach can you observe penguins from a close range?
Q3Which Brazilian beach has been the official venue for FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup?
Q4Where do you find the world's longest uninterrupted natural beach?
Q5Which Brooke Shields-starrer movie was based on young couples marooned on a deserted island?
Q6Which of these beaches in the US has green sand caused by volcanic eruptions?
Q7Which of these countries has bioluminescent beaches that glow in the dark?
Q8 In which Spanish beach would you find cathedral-like arches and buttresses?
Q9Which Australian beach is known for its rainbow-colored sand dunes?
Q10In which European country can you take donkey rides on beaches?