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How much do you know about Bays?

Q1Which bay in the US is believed to have been formed due to an asteroid strike 35 million years ago?
Q2If you are visiting the James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay, which country are you in?
Q3Which bay off the west coast of France was called the 'Valley of Death' for its rough waters that sank over 70 German submarines?
Q4Which of these bays in North America experiences highest tides in the world?
Q5Which bay in Australia has layered rocks created by microbes that are considered the oldest living organisms on the planet?
Q6Which bay in Southeast Asia has witnessed several naval battles involving US, Spain, and Japan?
Q7Which of these bays is considered the first region in New Zealand to be settled by the Europeans?
Q8Which of these bays in the US is home to Alcatraz Island that housed Civil War prisoners?
Q9Which of these bays in Africa enjoys the mildest climate in the world after Hawaii?
Q10Which of these bays in Asia is home to towering limestone pillars and enormous caves?