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How much do you know about Art Galleries and Museums?

Q1Which is the only art gallery in the world to feature fine handmade pianos?
Q2In which country would you find dark abandoned tunnels converted into a secret art gallery?
Q3Which global bank has turned its headquarters into an art gallery that has the largest corporate art collection in the world?
Q4Which art gallery in the UK received a statue of George Washington as a gift from the US?
Q5Which European country has created a cave gallery that exhibits replica of prehistoric paintings drawn 36,000 years ago?
Q6Which is the most visited art museum in the world receiving over nine million visitors every year?
Q7Which famous art museum in the US has the largest collection of Chinese Buddhist sculptures in the West?
Q8Which country is home to the largest 3D art museum in Asia?
Q9Which famous art gallery in London is owned by one of the first artists to popularize street art?
Q10Can you name the art museum which is 14-km long and has about 2000 rooms?