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How good is your knowledge about Aquariums Around the World?

Q1Which of these aquariums in Africa resembles a ship’s wreckage?
Q2Do you know which aquarium in Canada offers Whale Adoption Program?
Q3Which of these is considered the largest indoor aquarium in Europe?
Q4Which feature makes the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium unique?
Q5Which one of these aquariums in China came under criticism for its methods of obtaining animals?
Q6Can you name the aquarium in Turkey where visitors are allowed to go diving with sharks?
Q7Do you know which aquarium entered the Guinness World Record for having the world’s “Largest Acrylic Panel”? 
Q8Which of these aquariums in Australia is also known for its Turtle Conservation Program?
Q9Which of these aquariums is considered the largest in the Western Hemisphere?
Q10Can you name the aquarium located within the Ocean Expo Park in Japan?