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How much do you know about Angelina Jolie?

Q1Which upcoming movie will see Angelina pairing with Brad Pitt for the second time after Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Q2 What does her last name "Jolie" mean in French?
Q3What is the Latin proverb that she wears as a tattoo?
Q4Why did Angelina drop out of acting classes at the age of 14?
Q5In which movie did Angelina and her father work together?
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
Q6Which of the following statements holds true for Angelina?
Image Source: www.pinterest.com
Q7Which of the following awards did Angelina Jolie win for her humanitarian work?
Q8For which animated movie did Angelina Jolie lend her voice ?
Q9Which of these movies was directed by Angelina Jolie?
Q10What does Angelina Jolie have in common with Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts?
Image Source: golden-mgcamd.net, www.usmagazine.com, en.wikipedia.org